John Cacciatore

My Father,
John Cacciatore

1/27/1917 - 11/25/2007


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My father loved being with his grandchildren.

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Dad when he was 13 years old.


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My parent's wedding day, 1944.


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My father smoked for only a few months and then gave it up. Thank God.

Us on a family trip to Atlantic City in the sixties.

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One of my most favorites photos of my father, holding me when I was just a few months old. (And no, he didn't drop me on my head after that!)

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A family portrait, 1995.

My father loved his grandchildren.

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My parent's 50th wedding anniversary.

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One of the many times my father was in the hospital. My father loved his grandchildren.

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My father took care of my mother for as long as he could. My father with all 9 grandchildren, 2005.

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My brother-in-law Dick who along with my sister Rose Mary took care of my father around the clock for  more than 5 years.

My kids and Dad 2006.

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Last family photo ever taken, 1997.
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Last photo.....

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