Why the earth isn't billions of years old and
why therefore there is no such thing as evolution...


Recap of history or a Brief History of Time (sorry Hawkins) - In the Beginning God created everything out of nothing. The Bible says six days. It also says that a day to the Lord is like 1000 years to us. Either a literal 6 days or 6000 years, God created what we see and know. We do know the famous equation

If God is energy, perhaps Him speaker the words created the worlds into existence. God's energy in the form of words created matter, the earths, stars, everything.

After about 2000 years (about 4000 years ago), there was a Great Flood which covered the highest mountains to more than 20'. Almost every culture in the world has a record of a flood and some kind of version of the Adam and Eve story.

The Big Bang, planets, supernovas and stars...oh my!

1. Conservation of momentum - If everything came from one point source spinning in one direction, how can some things (like galaxies) spin in opposite directions? How can two planets or 8 out of the 91 moons of our solar system spin backwards? How can our sun be 98% H and He but the planets are not?

2. The Big bang requires matter to be homogeneous but matter in the universe is not, it is lumpy.

3. Second law of thermodynamics - everything trends toward disorder; things tend to break, crumple, wear out. So how could humans "evolve" from bacteria? Why is the solar system running in an orderly fashion?

4. World Population - Look at today's world population. If you work backwards, the population would have been about 0 in the year 4400 BC, right at the time of the flood. If man has been here for millions of years and if there was no flood, there would be 150,000 people per square inch now! Currently all the world's population would fit in an area the size of Pensacola, FL.

5. Supernovas - They are observed about every 30 years. If the universe is billions of years old, how come there are less than 300 known supernovas? Should be millions.

6. Star life span - Stars can change to white dwarfs in a short period of time, not billions of years that the evolutionist would tell you. For example, Sirius was red in 50 BC, now it is white.

7. Jupiter and Saturn are cooling off. If they were billions of years old, they would have been completely cooled off by now based on the heat they are losing.

8. Jupiter's moon Ganymede has a magnetic field indicating a liquid core. A moon can't still have a liquid core and be billions of years old.

9. The moon is getting farther from the earth every year. If you work it backwards, the moon would have been in contact with the earth 1.2 billion years ago. It was not.

10. Comets loose mass as they travel. A comets mass would be used up in 10,000 years. So if the universe is billions of years old, why do we still have comets?


Quick Bible Study

The Bible Evolution
- earth formed before sun - sun formed before earth
- oceans before land - land before oceans
- light before sun - sun before light
- land plants first - marine life first
- fruit trees before fish - fish before fruit trees
- plants before the sun - the sun before plants
- marine mammals before land mammals - land mammals before marine mammals
- birds before reptiles - reptiles before birds
- atmosphere between 2 layers of water - atmosphere above water
- man brought death into the world - death brought man into the world
- God created man - man created God
- fish before insects - insects before fish

Everything about evolution is opposite from the Bible


11. The magnetic field of the earth has lost 10% of its strength in the last 150 years, 40% in the past 1000 years. Therefore the earth couldn't be more than 25,000 years.

12. The earth is slowing down 1/1000 second every day. Working backward, if the earth was billions of years old, it would have been spinning so fast that everything would have flown off of it!

13. Desertification of the Sahara desert started about 4000 years ago (right after the flood). If the earth was billions of years old, why are there no bigger deserts and more of them around the globe?

14. The Mississippi river flows in the Gulf of Mexico, depositing 80,000 tons of mud each hour. An earth billions of years old would have filled in the whole Gulf already.

15. Why is the oldest tree on earth, the Bristle Cone Pine, about 4300 years old? If the earth is millions and millions of years old, why is no tree older than 4300?

16. No reef is older than the Great Barrier Reef which is 4200 years old, why?

17. Oceans are 3.6% salt which would take about 4000 years if they started as fresh water. An earth billions of years old would have completely salty oceans by now.

18. The Chinese calendar dated the year 2000 as 4700, maybe they started right after the Great Flood about 4000 years ago. The Hebrew calendar is around 5786.


The Bottom Line

What is the bottom line? Evolution says it took billions of years for man to evolve from some primeval "soup". Of course they can't tell you where the "soup" came from. But since the earth is not billions of years old, there hasn't been enough time for evolution to occur. Another thing, it is the THEORY of evolution. Anyone who says it is a fact is a monkey's uncle for sure! And we haven't even covered the ton of evidence against evolution such as the fossil records, the design of the human eye, the amount of Helium in the atmosphere, etc, etc.

WHY is there evolution? I believe in a powerful angle who fell from grace eons ago and when he fell he took a third of Heaven's angels with him. He is Satan or Lucifer and is the father of all lies and hates God and human beings. I am sure he is the major influence behind evolution, teaching that humans came from apes and bacteria and so therefore there can be no God, no absolute right and wrong, no penalty for sin.

If you ask me, it is easier to believe that an all powerful God created everything and designed everything and controls the universe than to believe we came from some ape which came from some "soup" whose source no one knows.





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