Got PC?

(This in now my old PC. New PC photos to follow)

I laugh when I hear people say they don't own a computer because they don't need one or if they have one, they use it just for email! My computer must do so many different things that I built my own Intel Core7 965 computer last year. It has an overclock 965 processor, 6 gig RAM, 2.3 TB storage and EVGA GTX285 video card. Some of the things I hook up to my computer:

1. TomTom GPS unit - program and update maps, icons
2. smart phone - upload/download videos, photos and MP3s
3. X10 Power house - program unit
4. digital camera - download photos
5. digital camcorder - download video
6. photo scanner
7. Icom ham radio - log and control radio
8. web cam
9. flight sim yoke and peddles
10. Meade SCT telescope - control GOTO scope
11. SCT tuner - load tunes and program Mustang
12. MIDI interface - play/record music from keyboard