My Cats When I was Growing UP


(mine or my friend's cats)

This is the type of cats we usually had.
My friend Nick's kitten. Fluffy, my favorite cat. He loved me alot.
  Me and a cat in front of my father's 1961 Caddy.
My niece Lorie My friend Peter's black cat
My mother with Fluffy. Although she always pretended she didn't like cats, here is proof that she did.
  We had this cat a long time, too bad I don't recall its name.
  Kittens my father found out in our back garage.
Me and Fluffy, around 1967, I was working on building my oscilloscope  and Fluffy jumped on my shoulder to pet him. This is a frame grab from an old 8mm home movie, hence the poor quality.
July 1957, I was 3 years old. My sister Vincie on left and my sister Rosey on the right also loved cats. Vincie had cats her whole life.