My RC Helicopters - TREX/Honey Bee


Working on my first RC helicopter kit, the Align Trex 450XL

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See first flights of my Trex 450!

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The Align Trex 450 XL HDE. The head comes partially assembled.
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The head almost ready to go into the frame. The frame came pre-assembled.
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DEFECTIVE PART! This one way bearing sleeve is suppose to have a hole in it. Not only is the hole missing but the sleeve isn't even finished! Tail blades.
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Tail gear box  
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Connecting the link rods to the swash plate.  
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Installing the aileron servo. The pitch servo.
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The elevator servo. An Align 430L motor installed and gear being installed.
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Gear/motor installed. Blade balancer.
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Kit comes with these 315 wooden blades. The "3D" logo isn't for looks, the tape is used to balance the blade. Rudder servo linked up to tail.
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trex37.jpg (13288 bytes) trex38.jpg (21835 bytes)
HS54 servo for the rudder. Battery tray.
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Thunder Power 2100 Lipo battery. Thunder Power charger and balancer.
trex41.jpg (13026 bytes) trex42.jpg (20105 bytes)
Gauge to measure pitch. Futaba R156F 6 channel receiver.
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Side view showing the ESC mounting. Bottom view showing ESC mounting and wiring.
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Instructions for the Futaba 401 gyro. The Align BL35 speed control.
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trex48.jpg (31193 bytes)  

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After a few crashes, you collect quite a few broken parts...