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Here are some tips for building and displaying rockets....

tip1.jpg (40516 bytes) When you have to epoxy an engine mount which is recessed deep into the body tube, you can reach it with epoxy by using a paint stirrer. Mix up the epoxy, put some on the end of the stirrer and apply as far in as needed.
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Small rockets are hard to display because they topple over easy or designed not to stand up at all.

I found an old coat rack not being used. I cut off the ends of the poles (which were fatter than the middle part) so that the rocket engine tube would slide over them. Result, a nice wooden rocket stand!

tip4.jpg (35830 bytes) Sometimes you have to cut a body tube. Marking a tube straight is hard so try using a motor clamp. Don't tighten to much, just make it snug and then mark the tube with a pencil.

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And when you have to draw lines along the body tube for like fins and launch lugs, a trick is to use a piece of angle aluminum as a guide.

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To help identify your rocket should it get lost, use a mailing label covered with a layer of tape so in case it gets wet before found, the ink isn't smeared.

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