My Sister,
Vincie Riddell

6/14/1949 - 10/21/2007


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My sister Vincie went home to be with the Lord on Sunday, October 21. She was diagnosed with CLL in 1987 and had a bone marrow transplant 9 years ago. She was cured of the cancer but her body never was completed recovered from the chemo and radiation. Poor thing was in and out of hospitals both in Florida and the NIH in Washington. She was close to death more than once. Although she suffered greatly she always had high spirits and faith in the Lord. She loved her grand children, nieces and nephews as you can see from the photos below. She also loved her cats!

Her husband Jon was constantly by her side. He cared for her around the clock for 20 years, from the day she was diagnosed to the day she left this world. NO HUSBAND ON EARTH could have done more than what he did for her. In the hospitals he was there almost 24 hours a day and learned more about her condition and the medicine she was taking than the doctors. He use to check and see what the doctors and nurses were doing and more than once he stopped them from making serious mistakes. After a while the doctors and nurses would come to him to ask questions. He was quite the husband.

She had a great sense of humor and liked to joke around. Every Christmas or for special occasions she would make just for me her famous chocolate cookies and mail them up to me. She was a great artist and loved to draw and teach my kids how to color and draw. I just wish we had lived closer. I will miss her dearly....


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My mother with Vincie, 1949.

My sister Rose Mary, me and Vincie around 1954.

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Vincie on her 5th birthday.

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On her wedding day 1968 with Phil, a family friend.

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Vincie and her husband Jon and grand son Jon Anthony.

Vincie with her grand daughter Amanda.

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Vincie with niece Mary.

Peter and Cathy with Vincie.

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Vincie and me 9 years ago when she had a bone marrow transplant.

Vincie loved to cook.

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Jon her son.

The Riddlell family, Laurie, Jon, Vincie and Jon.

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Vincie with all her grand children.

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