The 1978 Z28 That I Used to Own


z2825.jpg (39983 bytes)
Louvers before repainting.
z2824.jpg (28811 bytes) z2821.jpg (39958 bytes)
Bumper's paint has come off every time it was waxed. Gas cap emblem show signs of wear. Plastic weathered and from waxing. Not sure how to restore. Rear view showing some paint chips in the trunk area where my tool box use to hit it from the inside as I went around corners fast. 8-(
z2819.jpg (39406 bytes)
You can't see it too well here but a long time ago I had to staple the headliner back up.
z2820.jpg (46808 bytes) z2817.jpg (42419 bytes)
Eagle ST tires quite old, fourth set of tires, car has 92,000 miles. Can't see here but the driver's side door sags, needs new hinges.
z2823.jpg (43362 bytes) z2822.jpg (45508 bytes)
Old and new carpet. You can see the old carpet has faded to multiple colors. The color brown at the bottom of the picture, the part that was under the rear seat, is the original color. New carpet shown in front of it. Seats out while the new carpet was being installed.
z2816.jpg (37115 bytes) z2818.jpg (36013 bytes)
Old carpet. New carpet with the chalk marks I added to help tell me where to cut the holes for the seats and belts.
z2814.jpg (31739 bytes) z2811.jpg (21846 bytes)
The scoop is OK but the decals are gone, don't remember what exact colors and shape they were. Will get car detailed to maybe remove paint oxide and bring back color a little. Close up of scoop and how the decals have fallen off.
z2810.jpg (31603 bytes) z289.jpg (33190 bytes)
This is bad. A close up of the hood showing rust between the faded decals. A new set of decals (just the stripes) is $400!!
z288.jpg (37908 bytes) z287.jpg (46104 bytes)
Inside with the old carpet removed. Back seats removed. The green nose dampening is like that because some animal was living there I think. I found nut shells there! Back seat belts OK but front belts are frayed and I would like to replace. But can't find them anywhere.
z286.jpg (43709 bytes) z285.jpg (48814 bytes)
The rear panels with some kind of water stain or something. The rear seat isn't in bad shape. Door not bad. The door handle has been expoyed, they all break at that front spot.
z282.jpg (41833 bytes) z283.jpg (36172 bytes)
Without the carpet, the shifter housing can be seen. In this view you can see the gross fading between the inside panel and the door panel. and the dash.
z2815.jpg (48356 bytes) z281.jpg (43553 bytes)
Passenger side rocker panel with some rust. The passenger side door showing rust. The driver's side door area was worst. I sanded and primed.
z3.jpg (18555 bytes) z2.jpg (13054 bytes)
Back after new carpet installed.
z1.jpg (21494 bytes) z4.jpg (20824 bytes)
Front after new carpet installed.

z5.jpg (15319 bytes)

z6.jpg (9455 bytes)
Driver's side door showing rust.
z7.jpg (8851 bytes) z8.jpg (7996 bytes)
Back window on driver's side.
z9.jpg (14494 bytes) z10.jpg (20538 bytes)
Driver's side quarter panel show major rust. Passenger's side quarter panel showing some rust.
z284.jpg (37047 bytes) z2826.jpg (38409 bytes)
Driver's side door thing with the chrome all worn off. Need to replace. Passenger side door in pretty good shape.
z12.jpg (16542 bytes) z14.jpg (16586 bytes)
Passenger side as well as the driver's side door cups were woren and the chrome woren off. New door cups installed.
z2813.jpg (37931 bytes) z13.jpg (20463 bytes)
Upper grill not too bad but discolored a little from waxing and weather. The lower grill was crumbling and falling apart. New upper and lower grills installed.
z2812.jpg (39020 bytes) z11.jpg (22845 bytes)
Front grill emblem with some wear. Old grills. New grills were repo and the bottom one very expensive.

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