Alien Worlds

There is a world where there is no disease, sickness or hunger. There are no crime or drug problems. This world is very far away from earth and can't be reached in our lifetimes. There are no sun or moon there yet there is enough light to support life. There is no need for money in this world yet the streets are made of gold. The wall around this place is made up of real pearls, jasper and other rare gems. All houses are supplied by the ruling official and they are mansions. Water is plentiful and food  literally grows on the trees next to where you live. Whoever lives there never has to worry about death. There are people there now just like you and me so this place is reachable by human kind.

Like everything we are aware of here on earth, there is an opposite to the world described above. That world is very dark and lonely. And very, very hot. So hot in fact that it is always ablaze. It too is very far from earth. This world has no one living there yet. Which is good because living there will be constant pain, agony and suffering. No one in their right mind would ever want to travel there or send anyone else there. Even their worse enemy. Again, no one in this lifetime can reach it. However, the way to this world is easy to find and many people will find it without much trying.

Of course I am talking about Biblical heaven and hell. What I have mentioned above are various descriptions of heaven, the new Jerusalem and hell or the lake of fire found in God's word. Jesus spoke more about hell than He did about heaven. Those who are saved will go to heaven. Those who are not, will not. Very simple and clear cut. Since we all vary in our ability to do everything there is to do in life and since we all have different talents and intelligence, it would have been unfair for God to give us some kind of test or job to do to get into heaven that we all couldn't pass. So he made it so easy that anyone human could pass the entrance exam into heaven regardless of how smart or dumb, pretty or ugly, talented or untalented they may be. And that exam is to believe that Jesus was born, died on the cross in our place, arosed from the grave and is sitting in heaven now. If we accept that only by Him are we able to get to heaven, we pass.  If we fail, we will end up in the lake of fire which was never meant for humans but for Satan and his evil angels. And who wants to spend eternity in fire, pain, agony, where there is gnashing of teeth, and with all the evil influences this world as ever known or seen? Not me!

That is why in 1983 I accepted the Lord as savior and became a born-again Christian. Now I consider myself an alien. I don't belong to this world. I am just passing through. I am in this world but not of this world. This world will be destroyed. And soon. The Bible, new age, other religions and prophets around the world are all saying the world as we know it is about to end. Even Nostradamus has predicted that in July of the year 1999 the world will be in a great war. He actually says the year 1999. I hope you are ready. Just accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Am I perfect? Are you kidding? No way. Christians are not perfect, just forgiven.

The next logical step after accepting Jesus is to find out just what the heck did he really say when he was here and what did the Bible predict about Him. So you will want to pick up a Bible. I think the NIV translation is one of the best. But there are alot of other good ones in regular today's English. Stay away from King James unless thy liketh to speakth in old English. The Bible says that the things unseen are greater than the things seen. Think about it. Please.

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