My Projects
Over the years I have tinkered with alot of electronic gadgets and stuff. Here is a list of most of the things I have constructed. Some were built from scratch, some were built from plans, some were kits and some I designed.

You have never seen more things built in cardboard boxes and rats nests of wires and parts as my projects had. I used everything from cardboard boxes to cigar boxes, Tupperware, homasote, pref board, plastic, metal, etc. But please keep in mind that I built the early stuff when I was in school with no money. Almost all the parts came from junk TVs, radios, junk yards, etc. Also remember that back in the '70s we didn't have Radio Shacks all over the place like we do now nor did I have my driver's license to go to the electronic places that we did have. Look over these projects and I hope you find them amusing and maybe even a little bit inspiring.

loriebot.jpg (20391 bytes)










tesla13.jpg (20179 bytes)

Click picture to go to my Tesla Coil page where you can see construction details and a video of the first test run.

My latest project, Arty, a robot built using the Arduino microcontroller, programmed in "C" and powered by two 12 volt motors with IR distance and remote control sensors. Robot is under construction right now.




mikey103.jpg (27595 bytes)Mikey the Robot project....


ducktahoe2s.jpg (11329 bytes)
My luck with cars.
This is my Tahoe after a DUCK flew into it as I was driving to church one Sunday!




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