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Back in 1991 I started working on an HO train layout. I had had some trains running on it and below is a short history of the railroad. But I was forced to dismantled and throw it out when my twins wanted their own rooms. So my layout is no more. What follows was the progress I had made up to that point.

The theme for the railroad regarding the rolling stock and time period was the New York Central in upstate NY in the mid-sixties as I remember it growing up. The scenery was  generic but everything else should be according to what actually happened during the sixties. For example, you won't see any freight cards that have a build date of the '70's or later nor will you see Conrail or BNSF.

Since I had limited room, the layout was relatively small, being an "L" shape, 8' x 9'.

I had built a train cam and took some video from the actual trains as they were going around. Keep in mind that the cameras were ancient by today standards and the video isn't that great but at the time it was really cool!

Video of train cam, first version.

hovideo7.jpg (7349 bytes)

hovideo8.jpg (7737 bytes)

Second traincam video.

Third traincam video.

hovideo9.jpg (7647 bytes)

Train Cam

To see how I made the train cam,
click here.

hovideo6.jpg (12032 bytes)

tracklayout1.jpg (18436 bytes)My 8x9 HO train layout


Start of layout

Some of the stuff needed to build




 Start of platform, 9x12


 Laying cork roadbed to figure out where track will go Cork removed, plywood cut and raised


 Next cork roadbed is glued down  

 Track laid, table raised  

   Curves that will be in tunnel


 Cutout for river Track ballasted

 Cardboard used to form mountain  




Control center

Cardboard strips help make mountain rigid and form basis for plaster cloth Plaster cloth added, painted and glass added
Latex rubber molds use to form plaster rocks for the embankment  
Plaster cloth forming riverbed  
  HO vs N scale



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