The Now Years

This is my life today. A wife, a kid, another kid and another kid. Matter of fact, two kids are twins. And they all teenagers. And 5 cats. Need I say ??

Pool.jpg (7649 bytes)
My wife and me at the pool. Yeah, right!

marymai.JPG (15670 bytes)
We hire out our daughter to bring home some extra milk. I mean bread.

Corvet3.jpg (5434 bytes)
Teaching the kids to fix cars to earn extra money...

allweb.jpg (15272 bytes)
Well, I guess it was worth it.

septic.jpg (13411 bytes)
My luck with septic systems!

cookkids.jpg (13147 bytes)
What's for dinner? How about fresh twins? 

donor.jpg (11402 bytes)
Being a bone marrow donor is easy. You could be one! I was a marrow donor for my sister who had CLL.

My sister Vincie and me before the transplant.

TOMB.jpg (20908 bytes)
My luck with model rockets:

track.jpg (19131 bytes)
My luck video taping trains.

Them today.



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