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This was posted pre-2000.
We are still here! What a surprise!


Year 2000 Question


It looks like the year 2000 is going to be some kind of year! And not just for computers screwing up at midnight new year's eve, either. From all over the world, from many different sources, from many different beliefs, there is anticipation that something global, something historic, something awful is about to happen. Words like atomic war, holocaust, disaster and end times are being used to describe the next one to eight years. It is if we were on some kind of cosmic clock and the clock is about to strike midnight.

There are gigabytes of data out there relating to world events and the next millennium. I won't try to cover all that here. I only want to summarize some things I have seen and heard so you too will start thinking about the future and how it will impact YOU.


Who is saying what?  

  1. The Bible
  2. Nostradamus
  3. The Popes
  4. Bible Code
  5. Dr. Eby
  6. Paul Salomon
  7. Lori Toye
  8. USSR
  9. Me


The Bible: Almost everyone knows that the Bible predicts war and global destruction (i.e., Daniel, Matthew and Revelation). But when? Daniel was told to seal up some things he was revealed because they occurred "in the distant future"; when "knowledge would greatly increase". One of the most important sign posts that the Bible mentions that would be the start of the end is when Israel would again become a nation. That generation, the Bible says, would see the fulfillment of everything mention in Matthew 24. It evens says that Israel would become a nation in a day, which of course happen in 1948. Fifty years have already past. How long is a generation?

Looking back to Adam and Eve to the great flood to the birth of Jesus to now, major events seem to happen every 2000 years. Some Bible scholars believe that 6000 years have past since Adam and Eve. Peter in the New testament states that 1000 years is like a day to the Lord. That being so, we can envision that we are on day six of a very long (to us) God week. Revelation predicts that there will be 1000 years of peace once Jesus returns (after all the destruction is completed). That would be day 7 and the end of God's week. After the 1000 years, there will be a new heavens and new earth. The start of day 8 or a new week or a new beginning. Interesting?

Nostradamus: You may say to yourself, well, I don't believe the Bible. Do you believe in Nostradamus? It would be very hard to prove that at least some of his predictions were not true and have not happen. What ever the source of his information, predicting Hitler (within one letter), Napoleon and other events is uncaning. What does he say about the end times? Most of his predictions are hidden in code but he clearly states a year that the world would be in an awful war. He also states the month...July, 1999.

The Popes: No, I am not Catholic but there is something very interesting about the line of popes. In the Vatican there is a document (can't remember its name) which has described each pope for the past x hundred years. After the current pope, there are only 2 other popes described. Why? What happens in the world that ceases the Catholic church?

Bible Code: Here is something really wild. You may not believe in God. You may not believe in Nostradamus. But do you believe in math and science? Israeli mathematicians have found coded names, dates and places in the first 5 books of the Old Testament. These 5 books were dictated to Moses from God Himself. By doing ELS (equal length searches) on the original Hebrew text, some amazing things are found. What they did is to remove all the spaces between the words in the Hebrew text (some believe that is how they were written to begin with). Next, they would start at a passage, pick a letter, go x letters to the right or left, picked that letter, went x letters again, found the next letter, etc. What they found were the names of famous rabbis of Israel. Not only the names, but where and when they were born and died. The Bible list names of people and their details THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE THEY WERE BORN!

Famous statistical scientist from around the world have reviewed the method used to decode and can not disprove the results or how they were obtained. The odds of the names and dates naturally occurring is like 1 in 100 million.

I said all that to say this. Michael Drosnin has written a book called the Bible Code. He claims to have taken the actually computer program used by the original discovers of the code and has applied it to the Bible. He was able to find the assassination of Israel's Prime Minister coded in the Bible a year before it happen. He tried to warn the Prime Minister but to no avail. He claims the Scud attack on Israel during the golf war is given in code too. The scarily thing is he has found the words ATOMIC HOLOCAUST relating to the year 2000 and 2006. (And also notice the difference between the two dates, 7 years. The generally accepted length of the tribulation period predicted in the Bible).

Dr. Eby:  Dr. Eby, has been a guest of many Christian programs. He claims to have died and returned back to life. He said Jesus talked to him while he was died (and in heaven) and told him that he would not die before he, Jesus, came back again. Dr. Eby the last I knew was still alive even though I believe he was in his eighties.

Paul Salomon: Paul Salomon has been called the second Edgar Casey. He predicted many things while he was alive. His predictions say that there will be a magnetic shift of the poles causing global problems along with a giant tidal wave wiping out a large part of the US. His prediction for global disaster are for around the year 2000.

Lori Toye: Another person who claims a good part of the US will be under water in the future. You can go to her web site to see a map of the US after her flood.

U.S.S.R:Remember the USSR? The Russians? When the USSR broke up, the where about of the 30,000 nuclear bombs became unclear. Many experts fear that many of the missing nuclear warheads have been purchased by terrorist groups and small countries. It looks more than likely that some country could easily start a nuclear war now or maybe worst, use them to terrorize and destroy a city. The posion gas attach in the Tokyo's subways, the Oklahoma bombing and the World Trade Center bombings foreshadow what is to come.

Me: A few years ago I myself prayed to the Lord and asked him if all this talk about the end times was true or just alot of hot air. I went to the Word (the Bible) and three times I went right to a verse describing the Lord's return.


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