Our Cats


 My wife never learns! We had 4 black cats already. I told her the next pet we got was going to be a black Lab (that is a DOG). So what does she do? She brings home ANOTHER BLACK CAT! His name is Danny. We now have FIVE black cats living in our house: Emily, Nicky, Mickey, Tommy and Danny. Emily likes to repeatedly knock things off the counter tops, cabinets, anyplace during the night. She does it for fun I think. Nicky is a mush cat, he is the only one who comes when you call and he loves to get in your face so you can pet him. Mickey is the scary cat, we never see him during the day. Tommy loves to go after wads of paper that we throw to him and for us to scratch his neck. Danny has taken to me and is all kinds of affectionate when I pick him up.


Cats I or my friends had when we were growing up







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