Mother Memorial

Memorial to my mother
Mary Cacciatore


mas.jpg (16606 bytes)
My mother's engagement picture, about 1942



familyphotos.jpg (24551 bytes)
Last Family Photo Ever Taken - November 1, 1997


maanddads.jpg (23808 bytes)
My father God bless him was by my mother's side all the time.


ma1.jpg (22204 bytes)

ma2.JPG (17072 bytes)

My mother loved flowers.

ma21.jpg (13499 bytes)

ma20.jpg (12221 bytes)

My mother and me and my sisters.


ma13.jpg (9899 bytes)

ma14.jpg (12777 bytes)


My parent's 40th anniversary.

ma3.jpg (9316 bytes)

ma5.jpg (11514 bytes)

Ma being attacked by an animal. Ma EATING the animal. (just kidding)

ma24.jpg (9553 bytes)

ma25.jpg (11583 bytes)

Ma would often fall asleep knitting and watching TV.


ma7.jpg (12042 bytes)

ma4.jpg (10866 bytes)

Ma always made birthday cakes for everyone. My parents loved their winter house in Florida.

ma19.jpg (12430 bytes)

ma18.jpg (10137 bytes)

Their little house in Florida.


ma22.jpg (13193 bytes)

ma15.jpg (16230 bytes)

At Christmas time Ma made her famous Italian cookies.

ma11.jpg (7629 bytes)

ma10.jpg (8186 bytes)

Ma being funny!

mommary.jpg (14856 bytes)

momtwins.jpg (23384 bytes)

maandbabbysb.jpg (10274 bytes)

maandbabbysa.jpg (9848 bytes)

The proud grandmother.

ma6.jpg (12635 bytes)

maanddad.jpg (10912 bytes)

My parents at my sister's wedding, 1977.

At my wedding 1988.

ma8.jpg (22365 bytes)

ma12.jpg (26683 bytes)

Ma and her flowers.

ma23.jpg (19637 bytes)

ma17.jpg (22375 bytes)


Ma making some cookie whose name I couldn't pronounce.

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