The First Years

"I was born at an early age in Mohawk Hospital.
That is where I first meet my mother..."

Not much is known about these first years. Before the age of camcorders, VCRs and CD ROMs, ancients kept images on paper coated with silver. They were called PHOTOGRAPHS.

Unfortunately, not many were taken or were well kept. Here is a sample of what has survived.

  babyme.JPG (8436 bytes) Cute kid, huh? I wonder what happened?

My mother's mother, she was the last of my grandparents & she died when I was 6 months old.grandma.JPG (10625 bytes)


sled.jpg (6607 bytes) I waited there hours for someone to push me...

Folk Tales
Folk know, the stories your parents tell your boy or girl friend dates what you did when you were small. Here is a list of alleged things I did during these years. (It is amazing that my parents can't remember what they had for breakfast today but can remember things I did 40 years ago.)

  • burnt up shoes on the stove
  • flooded the upstairs' bathroom
  • painted my father's new car (1955 Buick)
  • broke my collar bone falling from my crib

All I have to say is...wasn't anyone ever watching me???

Here is the earliest TV program that I can remember watching... 


emailCLR.gif (7218 bytes)


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