My first telescope (1969) was a Tasco 2.5" refractor. I ended up trading it for a go kart. My next scope was an 6" Criterion reflector in 1972. It cost $199! I sold it in 1978. I then bought a Meade 2080 SCT in 1994 which I sold in 1995 when the twins were born. My latest toy is a Meade LX90 8" SCT.

Here are some pictures of the scopes and other astronomy things...


astro7.jpg (3444 bytes) astro2.jpg (12834 bytes)
My first scope, a Tasco, was similar to this one, 1969. My 6" Criteion reflector, 1972.
astro4.jpg (5139 bytes) astro1.jpg (3998 bytes)
The moon via the telescope. A comet, 35 mm camera.
astro3.jpg (1287 bytes)

meade.jpg (9390 bytes)

A comet, 35 mm camera. The Meade 2080 scope I had in 1994.
lx90.jpg (19423 bytes)
My LX 90 by Meade, 2001.

Earth from Moon: current cloud cover

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stars4.jpg (5041 bytes)

stars1.jpg (9230 bytes)

stars2.jpg (10496 bytes)

stars3.jpg (12012 bytes)



myboat.jpg (17849 bytes)
My luck with boats...we bought this boat in Oct 94 and found out in Jan 95 that we were going to have twins so it was time for a new set of wheels for travelling. We needed a vehicle that we could fit 3 car seats in when we made our trips. We had to say goodbye to the boat and hello minivan.

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