Production Videos

These videos were alot of fun to make and are the results of many tutorials from Video Copilot and Red Giant's Trapcode Suite. They are learning videos where I was trying out new techniques and the like.

A very special Thank You to Red Giant for giving me a fantastic deal on their Trapcode Suite software!

movieanim04Raining day with lightning hitting around building



movieanim04Just sitting along the highway waving to the cars...



movieanim04Landing on a moon...



movieanim04Cats I have had



movieanim04Turning household items into cash



movieanim04Clothes Changer



movieanim04Park Blast



movieanim04My Super Toaster toasts and fires great bagels!



movieanim04Jump to Light Speed



movieanim04My Killer Bee Experiment (modified remote control)



movieanim04Check your smoke alarm battery



movieanim04F22 Low Fly Pass



movieanim04Bombing run...



movieanim04I am just dust...



movieanim04All we are is dust in the wind.



movieanim04Out of noise one is formed...



movieanim04Samson Promo for church



movieanim04What if...



movieanim04The Rendezvous



movieanim04Just call me Alfred...



movieanim04I was out and about in the city when I started feeling green...



movieanim04 One of my model rockets going off 8-)



movieanim04The Angel at the Tomb...



movieanim04 Alien drivers on roads...



movieanim04I had a bad cough...



movieanim04 My secret laboratory



movieanim04What are you thankful for?



movieanim04Spotted UFO taking off just as I arrived...



movieanim04Arty the robot rolling around



movieanim04I found an easy way to clean my house...



movieanim04Good way to save money on your food bills...



movieanim04Stuck somewhere in time...


movieanim04The Heavens proclaim the Glory of God...



movieanim04When your transporter messes up...



movieanim04Me and the Pope!



movieanim04When a meteor has your name on it...


movieanim04Me and Obama



movieanim04Don't mess with her car!



movieanim04When I worked Vegas...



movieanim04Me and George W Bush...



movieanim04UFO spotted over LA, helicopter can't keep up...



movieanim04Just trying out my new gun...



movieanim04People say I am a real hot head...



movieanim04Train on fire...



movieanim04Good by Venus!



movieanim04They only come out at night...



movieanim04Close call!



movieanim04Joe, Joe of the Jungle..



movieanim04Heart attack...




movieanim04 A scary cave I was in




movieanim04 My last flight...



movieanim04Thank God for my force shield...



movieanim04 Reality



movieanim04Time Travel Mistake



movieanim04Rock Mustang



movieanim04 Jesus the Rock



movieanim04Stuck inside an energy ball



movieanim04Out looking at a field when a mine goes off



movieanim04 My ride in a sub was a little shaky



movieanim04My helicopter ride by a volcano



movieanim04 Don't get aliens mad at you!



movieanim04Inside Iron Joe Man



movieanim04Meteor strike right outside



movieanim04 My target shooting



movieanim04When experiments go wrong



movieanim04The time I was hit by a truck



movieanim04Healing of my face in record time



movieanim04I got mad at this planet...




movieanim04A barren planet I made



movieanim04I had bugs...



movieanim04 Always listen to yourself



movieanim04Talking ON the radio



movieanim04My Mustang coming together



movieanim04Me and my Sumo rocket



movieanim04My job as a night watchman



These next videos were done many years old with ancient software and hardware.


movieanim04 The Formula
It is here! Three years in the making. Be the first one to see it. The best video ever! Available only here!

- low bandwidth video
- high bandwidth video

Real Player


movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) Laser Pointer
Video # 1 - Laser Backfire
My first attempt at video editing on the computer. My daughter really should be more careful where she points that thing.

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) Impossible Cookie
Video # 2 - Impossible Cookie
My girls conspire a way to steal cookies. Videos star two of the prettiest little girls in the whole world, my daughters. And they think their father is the greatest father in the whole world. I know, I tell them that everyday!

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) HO train video
HO train video taken from train cam
A sample video of my HO train layout taken from a train cam.

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)
My rocket videos
Various videos of good and bad rocket flights.



tranmission.jpg (17459 bytes)
My luck with car transmissions.
This is the T10 transmission from my 78 Z28.


USFLAG.GIF (12532 bytes)

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