Rocket Videos


These are home made videos of various rocket stuff. Please note that these are highly compressed to make them small and download faster but some video quality is lost. If you can't view a video, drop me an EMAIL and tell me which one. Because some are really compressed, you may need the latest MS viewer or plug-in to see. THESE VIDEOS CAN NOT BE USED ELSEWHERE WITHOUT MY APPROVAL. 

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Video shot from my Extreme Performed flying on an I211.
movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Video shot from $10 video camera. Video of 3 launches using my AMRAAM and Nike Ajax flying on D12 engines.

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)See my new Estes Phoenix get stuck in a tree.
phoenix2.jpg (27164 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) My AT Gforce on a G64 at the local highschool!
gfroce2.jpg (6957 bytes)

NERRF 2005 Launch Video in Windows Media Format
company_logo.jpg (5627 bytes)


ldrsshirts.jpg (2634 bytes)Click here to see more videos including
some high power flights from LDRS 23.

movieanim06See a flying pyramid, then watch Star Gate.


movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) Robert Dehate's scratch built rocket, 7.5" diameter, 9' tall on an AMW M2200. Great take-off.
m2200.jpg (6462 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) Sumo drag race between my Sumo and Paul Krystek's Sumo, both on G64 motors.
 sumodrag.jpg (6036 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Eric Stagpole's rocket on a K1000. Listen for the echo from the surrounding hills, this was loud!k1000.jpg (11035 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My AT Astrobee D on an F40!. Very low but very cool fight!
astrobeef40.jpg (6058 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) Somebody's rocket that screams off the pad
whiteroc.jpg (10540 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) Millennium Shuttle not having a good day)
metr003.jpg (3229 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) My SUCCESSFUL Level 2 attempt with an LOC Magnum on a J350 (8/03/02). Goes to 1650', weighed in about 11.2 pounds.
magn001.jpg (7000 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My failed level 2 attempt with a Black Brant X and J350 (7/6/02). This video only shows boost. Next video shows the whole flight with the deployment problem.
bbx001.jpg (5579 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Here is a great video shot by my friend Milo showing my level 2 attempt of my Black Brant X and J350. His video shows the whole flight from start to finish. Excellent video. Thank you Milo! (2.9 meg)
bbxmilo.jpg (2886 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Here is an AT G64-7 being fired on the ground in a controlled experiment. See this motor being assembled, click here.
g6413.jpg (11966 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Watch my Dude become a dud! What I think happen is some of the engine blast deflected off the blast deflector and hit and burnt the balloon, immediately deflating it.
dude003.jpg (7427 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Watch 2 good flights of my Dude.

dudegood.jpg (2635 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Estes Executioner on a D12-5.

execute1.jpg (8865 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Only one engine ignites sending my X10 payload rocket into the ground. Thank God the X10 camera, mounted in the nosecone, was not damaged.
x10002.jpg (4154 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Test firing of PML Co-Pilot Altimeter

charges.jpg (3317 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My rebuilt TLP Alarm, which weighs now 11 ozs, on an D12-3. Not very high but it satisfies your need for a D engine flight when you have only a small field to fly from.
alar001.jpg (8729 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First flight of first Estes E engine rocket, the Executioner. Chute problems.
execute.jpg (6050 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My repaired Patriot on an H128W-S, 5/4/02

patrioth128.jpg (6180 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)PML AMRAAM4 on an I211W-S

amraam211.jpg (2352 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My poor Patriot! The ejection charge never fired! After the crash I found the ejection charge hole in the forward closure was plugged! Engine was an RMS G64-4.
patriotc.jpg (18921 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Watch my 26 year Andromeda fly great on a B6-4. (1.2 meg)

androme1.jpg (7618 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My ALARM, after it was stuck in a tree for 6 months, recovered, fixed and flown again. To make it more stable, I added some nose cone weight so it doesn't go real high on a D12-5 anymore! (1.2 meg)
alarm1.jpg (1556 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Second flight of the day of my Andromeda on a B6-4. Not high but didn't want to lose one of my oldest and most unique rockets. (1.2 meg)
androme2.jpg (9208 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)I MADE LEVEL 1! See how my Level 1 flight almost hits me! The rocket is an PML AMRAAM 4 with an H242T engine. Short but sweet flight.
amraamv.jpg (14840 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Second flight of 4" AMRAAM wasn't so lucky. Chute got tangled and the rocket suffered damage when it landed. It flew on an I211M at NARAM43.
araam2.jpg (8971 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Steve Lubliner's Level 3 attempt with his rocket called Simple Pleasure on an M1315 motor and a SkyAngle XXXL chute at NARAM43.
level3.jpg (10570 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First flight of LOC Forte camera rocket at NARAM43. Click here for pictures from the camera.
camera1a.jpg (8382 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First flight of Aerotech SUMO with a G64-4
sumo001.jpg (13128 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Second flight of SUMO with a H128S
sumo002.jpg (1990 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Lew Garrow's rocket with an Aerotech J260 EFX Hybrid motor. The tank and motor had been used for MANY flights. Apparently the pin valve on the Nitrous tank evidently got 'skewed' and was not releasing the nitrous fast enough. The rocket was hissing for awhile sitting with the nozzle right on the blast deflector. It seems that the combustion was continuing inside the motor and burnt the kraft paper grain entirely and then started burning through the casing right at the forward closure. It melted the casing down and started blowing flame out the side of the rocket. They kept a fire extinguisher on it to cool it down and keep it under control until all the as was released. Sorry, Lew.
fire.jpg (8576 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First flight of my Saturn V. Engine was a D12-3 and the flight was OK but not very high!

satu002.jpg (9168 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My Saturn V on its second flight becomes a lawn dart and crashes because engine pod came out. First flight just a few minutes earlier with same type engine (D12-3) was OK.
saturnnew.jpg (7014 bytes)

movieanim03My dual engine TLP AMRAAM on 2 D12-5s

movieanim05Megaendevor on an N2000 and 2 K700s

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First flight of my NCR Patriot on a G64-7W.
patriot1.jpg (10886 bytes)

movieanim02Watch my TLP Harpoon not go straight!

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Here is a static test firing of an Aerotech F20-4W engine. This engine refused to light 2 times at the last club launch, costing me a 2 hour delay and alot of frustration. So I decided to fire it and video tape it. You will notice the largest part of the flame is a few inches behind the engine. And studying the thrust curve of the engine, you can actually see it in real life.
f20-4w2.jpg (8110 bytes) 
f20-4w.jpg (3966 bytes)  F20graph.jpg (6015 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First flight of my NCR SA Archer on a G64-4W RMS Great flight and it lands near the pad!

archer2.jpg (5982 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First flight of my NCR Lance Beta on an F40-4W RMS. Nice tracking in this video. Even though the chute got tangled up and it landed fast, there was no damage.
lance.jpg (10052 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Last flight of my Initiator w/F22-5J engine. What went wrong? Rocket went way of course into the woods. Never saw again.

fort001.jpg (2660 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)3 "D" engine Nike Ajax just misses building. This was my first 3 "D" engine cluster rocket. Only one chute fully opened and rocket came down a little bit too fast and got a little damaged
nikea.jpg (4824 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Second flight of Nike Ajax with 3 D12-5's. Beautiful flight. Flight was at METRA's launch site in NJ (don't know what exit). A bit windy but praise God it landed 700' away in a big field.
nike001.jpg (4166 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Successful egg launch with original Scrambler. After a disastrous first flight in the 1970's, I was much smarter this time and I used a 12 volt motorcycle battery to ignite. Nice flight
scramb.jpg (9070 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Second flight of Astrobee D on G35-4W. Beautiful flight, lands close to pad
bee.jpg (6343 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First flight of dual engine ARAAM AIM from TLP

araam.jpg (9720 bytes)

Static test firing of an old C6-5 engine igniting

 Static test firing of a very old (and bad) D12-5 engine igniting, date code 15K12

movieanim0202Static test firing of a "Good" D engine along with my mother yelling at me for killing the beans. She was probably right but I was young and foolish.

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Watch my Scrambler 2 lift an egg and return it slightly damaged and then my friends having a “smashing” time.

eggloft.jpg (4105 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)See 2 CATOs of my Scrambler 2 caused by old D engines
cato.jpg (3148 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)First and last flight of my Cobra 1500. Nice finish, nice day, launch and it lands on top of the school roof. 
mean.jpg (4826 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My Nike X takes a core sample of the grass. Let this be a lesson to you. When you fly a rocket built 15 years earlier, replace the shock cord because it will be dried out and useless.
dart001s.jpg (2089 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Second flight of Maxi Honest John, lands close to launch pad, a good "large" rocket for small fields.
hone002.jpg (7646 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Renegade which lands safely between trees!

renegad2.jpg (6059 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes) Orbital Transport with an A8-3! Goes about 100' but no damage! OK, I was chicken. I didn't want to lose the OT by using a C6-5. After all, it is a collectors item. I did fly it later with a bigger engine and almost lost it. (800k)
orbi001.jpg (7392 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Watch the first flight of my Barracuda land on a school roof
barr001.jpg (1666 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Second flight of my Barracuda
barr3as.jpg (3280 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)Perfect third flight of my Initiator, lands close, first RMS (E16-4W).
init2a.jpg (6541 bytes)

movieanim.gif (6075 bytes)My AT Gforce on a G64-4
gforce2.jpg (6743 bytes)

mailslot.gif (2967 bytes)

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