ARCAS Construction

Construction photos of my Aerotech HV ARCAS E-G engine mid-power rocket:

Part 2 of construction

arca001.jpg (11403 bytes) arca002.jpg (9932 bytes)
All parts laid out ready for assembly (little girl not included). Closer view of fins, nosecone, coupler tube and engine mount tube.
arca003.jpg (10942 bytes) arca004.jpg (10358 bytes)
The parts bag. Stuff in the parts bag.
arca005.jpg (8880 bytes) arca006.jpg (9781 bytes)
Thrust ring and flange glued and ready to be mounted in motor tube. Slit in tube added for engine hook Forward FIN-LOK ring in place. Inside of both rings need to be sanded.
arca007.jpg (9206 bytes) arca008.jpg (3810 bytes)
Test fitting the fins into the FIN-LOK rings. Close up view of fin seated in rings, notice the close tolerance to the engine tube itself.
arca009.jpg (9846 bytes) arca010.jpg (13029 bytes)
The AFT end of the engine mount completed. The steel wool is stretched to 6".
arca011.jpg (6374 bytes) arca012.jpg (9845 bytes)
Steel wool inserted in forward end of tube and baffle flange glued in place. Forward centering ring in place and shock cord attached The motor mount is all assembled.
arca013.jpg (4651 bytes) arca014.jpg (9429 bytes)
Pre-cut slots in main body tube after slot material is removed. One by one each fin is glued and snapped in place.
arca015.jpg (8659 bytes) arca016.jpg (7130 bytes)
Close up showing how each fin's root end is snapped in place in the FIN-LOK ring. The fin can (not normally part of a rocket construction), has the line template taped to it.

Part 2 of construction
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