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Second Aerotech Arcas, built 3/03. First one is in a tree. Flown 8 times so far. Cosmodrome Nike Apache, built 1/03; Christmas present from my wife. That means I'll probably lose it in a tree. Actually it caught on fire during take-off first time out in 2004. See pictures of it in sick bay. Right picture is after repairs. Flown 6 times now.

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My third Cherokee D. First two were lost. First was an original. The last two clones. Built 12/02, flies good on a C11-5. Up 11 times. Last flight was on a D12-7; went out of sight but sighted it later.

TLP dual engine ASRAAM. Built 11/02. Wrote a review of it in Lost 2005 on fifth flight.

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PE Extreme Performer along with my daughter. Built 12/02. The rocket that is, not my daughter. Flew on a J350 5/10/03 setting a height record for me, 3302'.

LOC Warloc built 6/04. Rocket is almost 8" in diameter and weighs 6.5 pounds unloaded. Wrote a review which appears at When flown, doesn't exactly go straight! Flown 4 times.

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Estes Screamin-mimi built 6/04. Suppose to whistle on launch but I haven't heard it. Flown 44 times so far, second most of any of my rockets.

Black Brant at LDRS 23 after having some kind of mishap. See whole story here.

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Estes Eliminator, built 7/04. I added a wireless video camera that you can see in the nosecone. Flies on D and E engines. Flown 3 times but video isn't that good because the receiving antenna needs to be better. Then I added a small camcorder and got some videos. Flown 19 times.

I bought this simple Estes Heat Seeker for the kids a long time ago who started building it but lost interest and stopped. So I claimed it, finished it and added to my fleet. Finished 8/04. Lost first time flown in July 2005, in trees..

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Estes Phoenix purchased on Ebay since it is discontinued. Weighs in at 9 ozs so it didn't go too high. Built 8/30/04, flew 5 times and then lost in tree. See video section. Found on ground 3 months later, fixed and crashed later. See Sick Bay photos. Estes Phoenix after major repairs and alot of yellow glue. Fixed again and has flown 25 times total.

Semroc Aerobee 300. My first Semroc kit and I am impressed. Flown 23 times on C11's and D12's. My daughter Mary gave me this rocket for Christmas 2013. Up 9 times so far on C6-3s.
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New 2006 Estes Mercury Redstone. Flown 17 times and then lost. Estes Sky Writer (No. 2 Pencil) rocket purchased on Ebay for $7. Built 7/05, flew 5 times and then lost it in a rocket eating tree.

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Estes ThunderStar built 2006. Dual engines, flew 6 times before I lost it. My first Thrustline, this is a clone of the Aerobee 300 I built when I was a kid. Built 2006. Flew 14 times and then landed in trees.

The Maxi Honest John from Estes. A present from my good friend Jim Gelose. Built 1985, flew 23 times and then it was damaged beyond repair when the inner engine tube wore out and the rocket crashed. The Launch Pad PAC3 rocket built 7/7/2014. SIngle "D" engine rocket. Flew 12 times so far, flies pretty straight but a D12-3 is really not enough to really get this rocket high.

ASP's Wac Corpal. A mid-power rocket which flies on F and G engines. Built 10/14. A gift from my wife. Flew once on an F40-4 and once on an F52-5. First flight lands on road but no damage. TLP Martin Pescador, a dual D engine rocket completed 11/7/14. Flown 2 times. First time chute gets tangled, broken fin. Second time on engine doesn't ignite, broken fin and smashed bottom. Fixed, however, and ready to fly.

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Thrustline's clone of the Estes Honest John which I had as a kid. Built 2006. Flown 5 times and landed in trees. Estes Big Daddy built 2006. A great rocket as it can fly on C, D and E engines! Flew 32 times and then it got destroyed when the engine got stuck inside of it and I could not remove it without destroying the whole rocket.


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