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Black Brant II, new July 2000, lost August 2000. BUT RECOVERED LATER IN OCTOBER!!! Only minor water damage after hanging in tree all summer. Later lost when shock cord broke on fourth flight. My CLONED Cherokee D. Made from plans off the net and spare parts from my junk box. Decals from Tango Papa Decals off the web. Lost in NJ 9/10/00 on its first flight.

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Back in 1974 we got bored and tried making rocket cars. These were made out of oat meal boxes and wheels from an old toy. The black fins were savaged from my Big Bertha. To keep the nose down, I used cardboard fins canted up. The problem we had with the car was keeping it straight.

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My first The Launch Pad Kit, an AMRAAM AIM. My first "D" cluster rocket. First kit was damaged by UPS and dealer sent me a second kit for free. So I fixed the damaged kit and assembled both. Now I have 2! First time I have had 2 of the same rocket at the same time. Up 21 times. On flight 20, only one engine ignited but rocket still flew ok, no crashes.
I have 2 TLP AMRAAMs because the first was damaged in shipment and they sent me a second one. Click here for videos. White one flown 23 times.

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 LOC Forte, converted to launch a camera. My first LOC rocket. Launched 6 times.

TLP Nike Ajax with a 3 D engine cluster. Flown 6 times, click here for videos. Last flight I forgot to pack the wadding but thank God it landed OK.

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TLP Harpoon. Lost in a tree 9/01. Flew 8 times. Click here for video.

The SA Archer, my first NCR kit. See video section. Launched 6 times.

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Third NCR rocket, built 12/20/00, the Lance Beta. See video section. Flown 6 times. The sixth flight landed in a lake because the shock cord broke. Was able to retrieve with no damage!

AT Tomahawk. Built winter 2000. Lost first time flown in woods. Too windy.


A few pictures from the 10/6/02 METRA Launch at
Waywaywanda, NY

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Koen Loeven's 1/2 scale single stage Doorknob. Only flew on a single K695 redline this time around. Nice yellow rocket. No details.
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Beautiful AMRAAM on an K570 (?), had green flames! Aerotech HV Arcas flown by a pretty little girl.
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Joe Mihalcik's (sp) 75 pound SMOKIN' ROCKETS Psycho on an M1939. Boost to 8300' On its way to 8300'. Great job, Joe!
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My Aerotech Sumo on a G64-4. You can see that the SUMO almost lands in the ditch!!
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Naked Aerotech Initiator on a Black jack engine. My PML Black Brant X on an I284. Went to 1443' and had successful deployment of the main chute. Why couldn't it have done that on my level 2 attempt in June?
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Some body's nice blue rocket.  
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My PML Phobos on an H128. Another naked Aerotech rocket on a Black Jack.
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Lew Garrow's "Pull My Finger" hybrid rocket flying on a K240 to 4140'. I am sure this was a great flight! Too bad I missed it!

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