Forte Rocket

Construction of payload section
555 Timer Circuit
Video of first camera lanuch
Pictures from first launch, NAARAM43 8/4/01
Pictures from second launch, CTRA 9/8/01
Pictures from third launch, METRA 8/31/02
Pictures from METRA 7/17/04

First, construction of the Forte rocket by LOC

forte1.jpg (10497 bytes)

forte3.jpg (9030 bytes)

The LOC Forte, my first LOC rocket and my first epoxy rocket. I choose it because its 3" diameter allows for a range of cameras to fit into the payload section which was purchased separately and not shown in this pic.

Top end of the motor mount tube. The tube is 22" long and uses plywood centering rings. My first plywood ring and fin rocket.

forte4.jpg (8813 bytes)

fort011.jpg (7530 bytes)

The aft centering rings uses "T" nuts to hold the # 6 screws which hold the clips which retain the motor (top view).

Looking down from the nose cone end of the body tube, you can see the top of the motor mount/ring assembly. The ring was 16" down. How do you get epoxy 16" deep into a tube without making a mess? See below.

fort012.jpg (13151 bytes)

fort013.jpg (14378 bytes)

Notice that now you see 4 screw posts. The reason is I mistakenly epoxied the "T" nuts while the screws were in. The screws ended up being epoxied and actually broke when I tried to take them out. Didn't know epoxy was that strong!

Here is what I used to epoxy deep inside the tube, a paint stirrer. Mix epoxy on the flat side, put inside the tube, turn over and presto, epoxy right where you want it without wasting alot of it.

fort014.jpg (11945 bytes)

fort015.jpg (15410 bytes)

First fin gets epoxied on. I love these pre-slotted tubes!

All four fins on but no fillets let.

fort016.jpg (9872 bytes)

fort017.jpg (6867 bytes)

Closer view showing fins without fillets.

Epoxy fillets added. I got card stock, mixed epoxy on it and then place card along root edge and let epoxy flow down along the joint. I then tilted the body tube back and forth to let the epoxy smooth out. Didn't have to use my fingers.

forte21.jpg (12586 bytes)

forte22.jpg (12251 bytes)

Next the launch lug is epoxied.

The cord that ties to the shock cord is epoxied deep enough into the tube so the nose cone still fits. As you may see, I got a little too much near the top and it needs to be sanded away before the nose cone goes all the way down.

fort021.jpg (8022 bytes)

The finished, painted Forte. Now on to the payload section.

Click here for part 2, the camera payload

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