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First flight of TLP Harpoon with
Second flight of TLP AMRAAM AIM with dual D12-7 engines.

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Initiator with F50-6T engine. Initiator again with F50.

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TLP AMRAAM with dual D12-5's. AMRAAM # 2 with dual D12-5's.

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NCR Patriot, finished 11/00. Crashed 10/01 on a G64-4 because of ejection problem (see Sick Bay).

Patriot after repairs 1/02. Lost on 5/8/04 when it caught on fire due to a forward closure failure of the engine after 12 flights.

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My Initiator with a OO 35,000 engine!

My Initiator with the OO 35,000 engine returning from the moon!

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Aerotech HV ARCAS completed 11/00. The paint job came out great on this rocket which means I'll probably loose it fast. Matter of fact I did, first flight landed in a tree. It is still there.

Estes AMRAAM AIM built 11/00. Holds the record for most number of flights for any of my rockets, 59!! I still have it.

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TLP Alarm, built winter 2000, lost in a tree the first time flown April 2001.

Alarm found on ground in woods October 2001!!! Needs some work to fly again!!

Nov 2001, rocket rebuilt and has flew 9 nines and then lost.

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Saturn V after second flight. After 15 years, I finally completed it and flew it and on the second flight, the engine misfired and it crashed. I do have it on video. My luck with rockets.

I have repaired the crushed sections and flew 8 times and then became a lawn dart again. Looks just like the photo to the left! 8-(.

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Well, I guess my luck isn't always bad! I WON this Aerotech SUMO kit at a hobby show I went to. It is 4" diameter and 39" tall. It is level 1 ready, takes a G35 or larger and has a piston ejection system. Have flown ot on an H128. Wrote a review for Essence's web site with it. Has flown 14 times.

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My PML AMRAAM 4. This baby is 78" tall, 4" in diameter and weighs 78 oz. I got my level 1 with it! I flew it at METRA with an H242T-S. It lands almost on me. See video section. Also flown on an I211, I161.

My Arcas still stuck at the top of a tree.

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Since I lost my first one, I went out and bought a second Barracuda Aug 2001. First flight almost lost on train tracks. Second flight almost lost in forest. On fifth flight, lost on school roof. Never found.

The Dude. My first balloon rocket. It is 7.5' tall. Wrote a review for Essence's web site with it. Second flight it crashed. See video section.

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New, 10/5/01, NCR Eliminator. First flight on an F40-4 almost lands on RSO table! And that was with winds! Still have after 9 flights.

HARM, made by TLP. Built winter 2000, flew 31 times so far. Wrote a review for Essence's web site with it. A kind person supplied the custom made decals.

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