Saturn V Construction


rocket3.jpg (10587 bytes)

rocket4.jpg (10104 bytes)

Estes kit # 1236, purchased 1985, $46.

Beginning stages of construction.

rocket2.jpg (11147 bytes)

satu006.jpg (12495 bytes)

Main body tubes ready to be assembled.

This kit had alot of parts!

satu005.jpg (11720 bytes)

satu004.jpg (11837 bytes)

Instructions, with 58 steps, and plastic engine nozzles.

Paper shrouds, templates and decals.

satu001.jpg (4233 bytes)

sat5001.jpg (13049 bytes)

Main body complete but bent do to extended storage in my garage.

Body wraps on.

sat5002.jpg (12026 bytes)

sat5003.jpg (14271 bytes)

Engine shrouds cut to accept fins.

Fins attached, fake engine nozzles completed.

sat5004.jpg (8858 bytes)

sat5011.jpg (10808 bytes)

Rocket getting a coat of white paint.

Rocket after black paint.

newsatrun5.jpg (13325 bytes)

Saturn V

satu002a.jpg (9168 bytes)

satu001a.jpg (19065 bytes)

Saturn V ready for first flight. First flight AOK.

Second flight not so AOK.

saturn5a.jpg (22051 bytes)

saturn5b.jpg (17329 bytes)

Second flight of Saturn V was not too good! Engine ejected instead of chute.


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