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Estes Executioner, my first Estes "E" engine rocket, built 12/30/01, lost 6/02. LOC Magnum, rocket I used to get my Level 2 Certification. This baby is 5.5" in diameter and over 7' tall. See here for more info on its altimeter bay construction.

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Saturn V after repairs and with new decals from Tango-Papa. Phobos, my first PML rocket. New Oct 2000. A great flyer since it comes now fast and close. Lost when the forward engine closure failed, melting the rocket. See Photo Page 7!

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My first Cosmodrome kit, the Nike Smoke. Built 1/02, lands in tree first time flown. Recovered with only minor damage. Later lost it in tall grass 8/03. My fleet of rockets 2/7/02.

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PML Black Brant X, an 8.5' tall rocket . Click here for more photos. The PML Black Brant X is 8.5' tall, 4" in diameter and weighs w/o engine over 9 pounds. See video section. Flown 3 times.
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Estes Fat Boy built 8/02. Flew 20 times and then lost in forest 2005. AT Gforce, built 11/1/03, flown on G64-4 and H128 engines. Flown 10 times.

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My two Orbital Transports from Estes. The foreground one is just completed, it is a limited time re-issue of the original by Estes. My original OT was built in 1970 and has flown 8 times. The original cost $3.25. The new in 2002 cost $16. New one has been up 10 times



A few pictures from the 8/31/02 METRA Launch at Waywaywanda, NY

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Beautiful rocket on a K550. Everyone is prepping their rockets.
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Complex rocket taking off. More people getting ready.
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Anthony B's hybrid ready for take-off. Pads loaded and armed, ready for take-off.
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My LOC Magnum ready. Magnum on a nice flight with a J350. See larger photo below.
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My 4" PML AMRAAM ready. AMRAAM with an I211.
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My Forte with camera payload. Click here to see pictures from this flight. My Magnum returning after main chute deployment at 600'.

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A closer view of the Magnum on its way to 1650'. It weighed in at 11.2 pounds.

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