PML Black Brant

Construction of the PML Black Brant X rocket

Specs: 8.5' tall, 4" diameter, 9 pounds, 4ozs, I - K engines

Click here to see pre-launch and launch pictures

blackbrant1.jpg (12191 bytes)

blackbrant4.jpg (6790 bytes)

Kit cost $150 and comes in two big bags.

Contents of bags.

blackbrant3.jpg (4070 bytes)

blackbrant5.jpg (5213 bytes)

All fin surfaces which will be epoxied must be sanded to roughen the surface.

Also, all body tubes must be sanded both inside and outside where epoxy comes in contact.

blackbrant6.jpg (8186 bytes)

blackbrant10.jpg (10172 bytes)

The CPR3000 system from PML. This is the Dual Deployment kit. I didn't know that were so many parts. Now I know why is cost $105!!

For engine retention I am using the old T nut and screw drilled into the boat tail section trick.

blackbrant9.jpg (4868 bytes)

blackbrant7.jpg (5142 bytes)

The 54mm engine mother tube and centering ring. The strap is cut down from its original length when using the CPR option. The boat tail is not yet epoxied.

Once the motor mount assembly is glued in the bottom tube, the coupler and strap are epoxied. Less than 1/2 the recommend length of the coupler is in the tube but PML says is it OK.

blackbrant8.jpg (7504 bytes)

blackbrant11.jpg (6771 bytes)

Aft section of CPR unit under construction.

Aft section's strap is being glued and fore section under construction.

blackbrant12.jpg (6389 bytes)

blackbrant13.jpg (6172 bytes)

The two CPR sections done and ready to be epoxied into the body tubes.

The long tedious job of gluing the fins on is next.

blackbrant14.jpg (7821 bytes)

blackbrant15.jpg (5816 bytes)

2 fins attached with fillets being added.

The aft CPR unit is now epoxied in the aft body tube.

38720.jpg (10464 bytes)

The Black Brant X will hopefully fly on a J350 engine which requires a 38/720 engine casing shown above. This isn't your son's engine!

blackbrant16.jpg (9801 bytes)

blackbrant18.jpg (8012 bytes)

Three fins on and one piston complete. I sure do have a messy work area, don't I?

The two charge holders that hold the black powder to eject both chutes.

blackbrant19.jpg (4678 bytes)

blackbrant17.jpg (10708 bytes)

The CPR unit is installed in both main tubes along with the ejection pistons.

Rocket still needs alot of work but I wanted to take a picture to show how big it is.

blackbrant20.jpg (9636 bytes)

blackbrant21.jpg (7713 bytes)

Now comes the really tedious job of epoxing all the fin/body tube/engine tube joints (16 contact areas).

The T-nuts being epoxied into the boat tail section. Masking tape covers up the screw holes to protect them.

blackbrant37.jpg (7775 bytes)

The method I plan to use to retain the motor. The clamp is a sink clamp; screen door clamps work too for smaller rockets.

blackbrant22.jpg (7855 bytes)

blackbrant23.jpg (6398 bytes)

The top section's canard fins will be installed now.

All 4 canard fins installed and epoxy fillets are being added.

blackbrant24.jpg (12732 bytes)

blackbrant25.jpg (12442 bytes)

The top section is done, just needs sanding and paint.

The bottom section is done, just needs sanding and paint.

blackbrant26.jpg (4619 bytes)

blackbrant29.jpg (2360 bytes)

The bottom launch lug is put on. I want to add more epoxy to the fillets. Then I can sand this unit and paint it.

The hole to mount the altimeter on/off switch is being cut here in the forward section.

blackbrant30.jpg (9836 bytes)

blackbrant31.jpg (9351 bytes)

The PML Co-Pilot Altimeter! The symbol of an advanced rocketeer! 8-)

Back side of altimeter showing connection points. Click here to see the altimeter being test fired.

blackbrant33.jpg (8986 bytes)

blackbrant36.jpg (5204 bytes)

To protect the altimeter switch from being bumped in flight turning it off, I installed a metal guard over the switch.

After the rocket was completed, I measured the center of gravity and found it wasn't 1 caliper (4") before the CP so I added some nose cone weight to shift the CG forward 2".

blackbrant28.jpg (17582 bytes)

blackbrant34.jpg (9011 bytes)

The Black Brant X all finished and ready to be painted.

The rocket all done. Click here to see launch day photos.

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