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This rocket, the Alpha, with balsa fins and nosecone, started it all in 1969. Flew 6 times before I lost it.

Just about the earliest picture I have of my rockets, around 1969.

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This 1970 pic shows the Apogee II, Big Bertha and Alpha. Lost Big Bertha after 5 flights, the Apogee after 2. This 1971 photo shows my Wac Corporal (3 flights), V2 (4 flights), Stinger, Honest John, Orbital Transport, Mercury Redstone and Scrambler.
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My Estes Mercury Redstone, my second oldest rocket. Flown 15 times. Scrambler, Tauras, Honest John, Orbital Transport and Mercury Redstone, 1974.
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Scrambler, Sprint, Andromeda and Mercury Redstone. I still have these four! Close up of Scrambler. First flight with an egg and only 1 out of 3 engines ignited, had scrambled egg.

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Nike X, assembled 5/76. Ready to fly despite being a lawn dart once (see videos). Flown 25 times. Goblin, assembled 5/74. Small rocket, large engine. Lost June 2000, a farmer found it and threw it out!!!. Flew 10 times.

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Andromeda built June 1975. Flown, crash, repaired. Have flown, crash, repaired, flown (landed in a tree once). See video. Up 15 times. The ASP Wac Corporal runs on A, B, or C engines. Non-Estes kit. Flown 33 times.

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My oldest surviving rocket, from 1970, the Estes Orbital Transport. I sure wish I did a better job of assembly but I got impatient, there was a lot of wood that had to be cut, sanded and sealed! New decals from Tango Papa off the web. Flown just 8 times.

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The Mark V, a semi-custom designed rocket based on Mark IV design in old MRN, circa 1969. Lost the first time flown. The Flash, lost before I was able to take a picture of it!! Too bad because it was a Father's day gift from my kids. 8-(

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Barracuda finished 5/28/00, lost August 6 in New Jersey. Don't know what exit.

My Astrobee D, stands 68" tall. What a great rocket. Flown 13 times. This rocket flights straight and true, really nice to see take off.

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Estes Renegade after 13 flights. One of the first Estes "D" engine rockets. Estes Sprint, streamer recovery, this rocket can go quite high. Flown 23 times. Flight 22 shock cord broke, rocket tumbled to ground but no damage.

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Estes Original Scrambler, a 3 engine cluster rocket. Flown 4 times, 3 with eggs.

Centuri Tauras, my one and only Centuri rocket and the first non-Estes rocket. This was a heavy rocket and I had to add another chute to slow down descent. On fifth flight, chute and nose cone separated from rocket, crashed

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This beautiful Honest John from Estes was a present from a friend. Second flight it landed on a major highway. Got to it before a car did. Lost on flight # 5, 1975. Estes Sandhawk, a nice "D" engine scale model. Still have, flown 14 times.

This photo, a screen capture from an old 8mm film, is the only photo I have of my Estes Arcas built in 1970 and lost that same year on the 5th flight. I found the original Estes Arcas on eBay, unassembled, still in the original bag. I bought it and put it together. Now flown 12 times.

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