LOC Magnum

Here are a few photos showing some of the construction details of the LOC Magnum. This rocket uses an PML CoPilot altimeter for dual deployment (2 chutes). The first chute is deployed at apogee (highest point) by the altimeter. Then at a pre-set altitude like 600', the main chute is deployed, again by the altimeter. Black powder charges are used to eject the chutes.

magnum4.jpg (3425 bytes)

magnum5.jpg (3868 bytes)

The PML CoPilot had to be made to fit the generic altimeter kit which consisted of a 54 mm coupler tube, G10 fiberglass board and plywood bulkheads. Top side. Bottom side. Connectors at ends are Radio Shack posts which are connected to the charges.

magnum7.jpg (3238 bytes)

magnum8.jpg (7136 bytes)

The altimeter fits inside the 54 mm tube which fits inside a body tube coupler which fits inside the body tube. Payload section view showing the altimeter board installed and secured with a clamp. These post are the drogue chute charge feed.

magnum6.jpg (3122 bytes)

magnum9.jpg (7586 bytes)

This is what a charge bag looks like after firing. It is made from Saran wrap, an electric match and black powder. I retain all my RMS motors using this simple scheme.

newmag.jpg (12393 bytes)

The Magnum after its first flight.

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