Sick Bay

Here are my rockets that have suffered damage and are in need of repair or have been repaired or have been scrapped...


On July 1 and 2, 2004 I attended LDRS 23 in Geneseo, NY.
I had some problems as you can see below..

sickbrant2.jpg (8737 bytes)

sickbrant.jpg (3666 bytes)

The Black Brant landed hard again and again broke the tube that holds the altimeter. I will repair and add 4 screws to hold the 2 parts of the rocket body together. Rocket flew on a J420 and was lost in the sky. I later found on the ground thanks to answered prayer.

My beautiful Magnum somehow got a broken fin, during landing I think. It flew on an J350.

warloc2.jpg (7756 bytes)

sickbrant3.jpg (7193 bytes)

First flight of LOC Warloc on an I284 results in a broken fin.

My SUMO drifted in the spectator area and hit a truck which broke part of the fin off!


AMRAAM Damage (Again)

amraamdam2.jpg (5745 bytes) amraamdam1.jpg (6106 bytes)
See the large crack in the airframe to the left of the gold band? Not sure what happen. But whatever it was it also took out a canard fin. Fortunately I found the fin and will repair. The body tube will be cut and a new piece spliced in.

Phoenix Damage

phe1.jpg (6771 bytes) ph2.jpg (6009 bytes)
Phoenix after major crash. Won't ever flight again.

Nike Apache Damage

nikeapc1.jpg (21453 bytes)   nikeapac3.jpg (24805 bytes)nikeapac2.jpg (12316 bytes)
Forward engine closure failed and rocket caught on fire during launch.
na1.jpg (10520 bytes) na2.jpg (6734 bytes)
Using a hose clamp as a guide, the bad section of the body tube was cut off. I bought a 2.6" Aerotech tube coupler and a section of 2.6" tube to replace bad section.
na3.jpg (7788 bytes) na4.jpg (10652 bytes)
The old shock cord mount wire melted and had to be replaced. Looking down the tube after cutting, shows the end of the engine tube and what is left of the shock cord wire mount. There is about 1.5" of body tube extending beyond the engine mount, just enough to slide a coupler tube into.
na5.jpg (8290 bytes) na7.jpg (4987 bytes)
Coupler tube inserted into bottom section of rocket. New top section glued to coupler and upper launch lug salvaged from old tube.
na6.jpg (10579 bytes) nanew.jpg (20649 bytes)
Looking down new tube, you can see I doubled the shock cord wire and tied it to a new 10' long 1" wide elastic shock cord. Nike Apache all repaired and ready to fly again!

Black Brant X Damage

bbx3.jpg (7624 bytes) bbx1.jpg (7971 bytes)

Internal damage to the Black Brant X during my failed level 2 attempt. The altimeter tube is broken.

One of the canard fins of the Black Brant broken off. It was lodged in one of the lower fins, see below.

bbx2.jpg (8322 bytes)  

No, that is not a new design. That whitish fin is stuck in the big fin. The top and bottom halves of the rocket collided in mid-air.


HARM damage

harms1.jpg (7182 bytes) harms2.jpg (7291 bytes)
My HARM after it ran straight into a black top parking lot. Extensive damage to front and forward fin.
harms3.jpg (4606 bytes)  
Nose cone destroyed with many cracks and breaks.  

Patriot Damage

patriota.jpg (16575 bytes) patriotb.jpg (13627 bytes)
My poor Patriot 11/3/01 after crashing at a CTRA launch. The ejection charge never fire on the G64-4 engine.
patriotc.jpg (18921 bytes) newpatriot.jpg (15693 bytes)

The nose cone was stuck in the ground 4 inches and had to be pulled out.

Patriot after repairs. Replacement nose cone is a little bit longer and body tube is about 1" longer. But the rocket was lost 5/04 due to a forward closure failure. It crashed and burned.


AMRAAM damage

sickbay2.jpg (14415 bytes) sickbay3.jpg (4659 bytes)
One canard fin was lost. Here you see a replacement fin. AMRAAM4 hit hard grass because chute got stick in piston. Here is the bottom fin cracked at the root edge.
sickbay1.jpg (5445 bytes)  
Lower body tube of the AMRAAM4 with an inch long crack.  

Saturn V Damage

saturn5a.jpg (22051 bytes)

saturn5fix.jpg (5314 bytes)

Saturn V on its second flight does a nose dive. Engine pod ejected instead of chute. New tubes, a glued in engine pod, shrouds and touch up paint makes it almost as good as new. Ready to be released from Sick Bay.

Dude damage

dude004.jpg (10085 bytes) dude005.jpg (11995 bytes)
Dude which had a balloon blow out on launch. Close up view of burnt holes.

Andromeda damage

sickbay4.jpg (13539 bytes)

andromefix.jpg (4973 bytes)

My Andromeda decided to do a lawn dart.

New body tube and coupler, new paint. Rocket is ready to be released from Sick Bay.


ALARM damage

alarm2.jpg (5317 bytes)

alarm3.jpg (4186 bytes)

Recovered after being in woods all summer and fall. Needs 5 new fins, re-assemble engine mount, get nose cone to fit inside body tube again.

Five new fins made, engine mount re-installed, new shock cord, tail cone, chute and paint job. Ready to be released from Sick Bay.

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