LDRS 23 Videos

Geneseo, NY July 1 -2, 2004


Video 1 - My LOC Warloc on an I284

Video 2 - My LOC Magnum on an J350 to 1650' with main at 400'

Video 3 - Crayon cluster rocket

Video 4 - Bowling ball rocket shred (1.3 meg)

Video 5- Way cell rocket and bowling ball (3 meg)

Video 6 - New Cessaroni N2500 engine

Video 7 - Way cell rocket

Video 8 - Nike Smoke rocket on "N" engine

Video 9 - Way cell rocket and Upscale Andromeda

Video10 - My Black Brant on a J420 which I almost lost*

Video 11 - Lawrence L.'s two stage with 2 H242s and an I357 in booster staging to an I211

Video 12 - Way cell rocket with Hypertech engine

Video 13 - Another way cell rocket (1.7 meg)

Video 14 - Nike Smoke at waycell


* After the Black Brant took off, as you can see from the video, its smoke came right at me while I was video taping it. It reached 1650' which put it out of my eye sight. With the smoke to boot, I lost it in the sky. I had no idea where it was and where it was heading. I asked various people around me and no one else had a line on it. It was LOST! Asking the LCO for help was pointless, he was of no help. So I started searching the site for it, a 1/2 mile radius! All the rockets were drifting over the crowd and parking lot into the field across the road so I searched there first. No luck. People standing over there never saw it. So I started working my way back, walking up and down each isle of tents and cars and people looking for it. No joy. All I could think of is that I just lost my most expensive rocket with a 38 mm casing and altimeter on the last flight of the day for me. I prayed. And prayed some more hoping that the Lord would lead me in the right direction.

I found myself in the field behind the launch pads which was into the winds. No rockets were landing there because of the wind. But after walking around for a while I saw what I thought was the black fins of the bottom of the Black Brant. As I got closer, sure enough, there it was on the ground. The rocket suffered minor damaged, see photo. All I can surmise is like on my level 2 attempt with this same rocket, the nosecone hit the chute during deployment deflating the chute and the rocket landed fast using its drogue chute and own body air resistance which kept it from being destroyed. Once I fix the altimeter tube it will fly again. Praise the Lord.

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