Rocket Cam Photos4

Forte Camera Rocket Project
part 3


Construction of LOC Forte rocket
Construction of payload section
Video of first camera launch
Second launch at CTRA

First Pictures taken at NARAM43, Geneseo, NY

Look at these pictures! What strikes you about them? Each picture was taken 4 seconds apart. Let me give you a hint...where are all the people? Why are they all pointing in the same direction? The rocket didn't spin so the camera was aimed at the same spot. That would explain the first 2 pictures. But after the chute came it it took again almost the same area. Is that wild or what? Actually, it is just my bad luck (or timing). The camera was swinging around on the way down but the cycle of the swing just about matched the 4 second delay between each picture! AND HALF THE ROLL OF FILM WAS SHOT ON THE GROUND! I have 16 identical pictures of the sky!

Also notice that they are out of focus. There are a few possible causes. One is the auto-focus picked up the inside of the body tube and set the focus for close. Or the 200 ASA film speed should be increased to 400. The camera itself has a high speed shutter.


1. aim the rocket on the pad so it aiming at the crowd because it won't spin on take-off and catch them later!
2. use higher speed film to maximize getting clear pictures
3. modify the timer to take pictures every 1.5 seconds instead of 4 so half the roll won't be taken on the ground
4. put tape over the auto-focus window so the camera shoots at infinity or find how to disable
5. also very important, TURN OFF THE FLASH! Otherwise it will take 2 - 4 seconds for the flash to charge up and you won't be able to shoot every 1-2 seconds. Also with the flash on, a slower shutter speed is used making pictures blurry.

cam2a.jpg (9970 bytes)

cam1a.jpg (10232 bytes)

First picture after take-off, taken 4 seconds after it left the rod.

Eight seconds into the flight. This shows a better view of the entrance road.

cam3a.jpg (4541 bytes)

cam4a.jpg (9136 bytes)

T + 12 seconds, chute is out.

T+ 16 seconds and its coming down again.

cam5.jpg (5477 bytes)

cam9.jpg (10890 bytes)

T + 20 seconds and it is still descending.

T + 24 seconds and it is almost on the ground.

cam7.jpg (6567 bytes)

T + 32 seconds and its just about ready to touch down.

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