Rocket Cam Photos

Forte Camera Rocket Project
part 4


Construction of LOC Forte rocket
Construction of payload section
Video of first camera launch
First launch pictures

Second Launch: taken at CTRA Invitational Launch,
Cobleskill, NY  9/8/01


I increased the picture taking speed to every 2 seconds; taped over the auto-focus window on the camera and used 400 speed film. Got better results this time. Launched with an H238-S, about 1200'.

coble1.jpg (15403 bytes)

coble2.jpg (12685 bytes)

Pictures taken on ASA 400 MAX film. This is about T+2 seconds.

T+5 seconds. What is that area?

coble3.jpg (16060 bytes)

coble4.jpg (18575 bytes)

T+9 seconds. You can see the NS train tracks here (where my Barracuda landed).

T+13, here you see the entrance to the field. The launch site is directly below the rocket.

coble5.jpg (17346 bytes)

coble6.jpg (11253 bytes)

T+15 seconds.

T+17 and you can see the bottom of the Forte rocket.

coble7.jpg (13615 bytes)

coble8.jpg (20333 bytes)

T+28 seconds, shows everyone. Sure wish this was in focus!

T+50 seconds, seconds before touch down in field a couple hundred feet from the pad. If you look closely, the nearest person to the rocket (wearing black pants and a white shirt) video taping is ME!

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